1. Kaspar Schiess
  2. qemu-toolkit


qemu-toolkit / HISTORY

= 0.4
  ! Fixes missing requires for fileutils
  ! Fixes for documentation on the VNC port. 
  + 'keyboard_layout' option for defining the layout for VNC connections.
= 0.3
  + Allows controlling #ram and #cpus
  + Automatic generation of local device path candidates if storage is 
    available locally as well.
  ! Fixes default on storadm create.
  + A lot of configuration options, please see spec/fixture/etc/all.rb
  + VLAN support in nic via: syntax. Just use physical:VLAN, ie: e1000g0:2.
  + Allows multiple VM definitions in a single Ruby file.
  ! Another bugfix: Don't cache answer from iscsiadm list target
  + Checks if the storage exists before attempting to export it. 
  + Waits for iSCSI disks to come online before attempting a start.
  + storadm list
  + Checks before it executes a 'hide' command. 
  + Random MAC address in corrected template.
  + Make bootiso work again. 
  + random_mac address generation
  + automatic nic management
  + prints out iqn of exported volumes
  + sets qemu_toolkit:export attribute on VM datasets.
  + pretty VM listing
  + create VMNAME for vmadm
  + Full man pages.

= 0.2.0 / 30Aug12

  * First feature-complete version.