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qemu-toolkit(7) -- A toolkit for running qemu on Illumos / OmniOS


qemu-toolkit is a small set of scripts to control QEMU kvm virtualised machines on a set of illumos hosts. Have a look at 'storadm' and 'vmadm' - inline help will show you the possibilities.


qemu-toolkit is a Ruby gem. This means you can install it with one simple command:

gem install qemu-toolkit

For full installation instructions, please see qemu-toolkit-install(7).


This project is hosted on bitbucket. An issue tracker is available at bitbucket.

We value all contributions, provided they

  • are tested and have a clear rationale
  • are generally useful
  • come as a clean changeset (pull request or email patch)

Discussion regarding this project via 'qemutoolkit' mailing list. Subscribe by sending any kind of message to this address.


qemu-toolkit-overview(7), qemu-toolkit-install(7), qemu-toolkit-configuration(7), storadm(1), vmadm(1), README(7)


Copyright (c) 2012 Kaspar Schiess.

This tool is under a MIT license. Please see the LICENSE file in the original source.

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