zfs-tools / HISTORY

Full commit
= 0.2.0
 . first public release
 - zfs_incremental_sync deleted. Not the general solution of the problem we'd
   hoped for. 

== 0.1.8
 ! Pool name can now contain spaces.
 * Update to the newest activesupport gem, works with Ruby 1.9.2
 * Dismiss the use of pfexec to run commands that need special privileges, in
   favor of sudo.
 * Reworked tools to use the library instead of issuing commands themselves.
 * [zfs_incremental_sync] Fixed: full synch.
 * [zfs_incremental_sync] Fixed: Missing snapshots on the target 
   would be the cause for a failed synch. I hope this is fixed now.
 * [zfs_list_obsolete_snapshots] Works with datasets that have no snapshots
 * [zfs_incremental_sync] Fixed: Bug where sync would abort because there 
   were no initial snapshots. 
 * zfs_incremental_sync doesn't use sudo anymore. All commands that need 
   special privileges are run through pfexec.
 * Now gives incremental sync snapshots special names. This avoids collision
   with the ones done hourly and it also provides information about where
   the snapshot went (to which host).