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Kresimir Sojat  committed 39d8be4

Mapper now takes paths and rules as references and will attach watchers to them so mapper can be reconfigured while server is running.

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 (def redirect-to)
 (defn handle-url [url-path [[matcher path view] & rs]]
   (if-let [args (matcher url-path)]
     (binding [*current-path* path]
           (update-response *response* res))))
     (when (seq rs) (recur url-path rs))))
+(defn update-routes [_ paths rules]
+  (create-routes paths rules))
 (defn mapper [paths rules]
-  (let [routes (create-routes paths rules)]
+  (let [routes      (atom '())
+        swap-routes #(swap! routes update-routes @paths @rules)
+        update-on   #(add-watcher % :send (agent nil) (fn [& _] (swap-routes)))]
+    (swap-routes)
+    (update-on paths)
+    (update-on rules)
       (fn [target request response dispatch]
-        (binding [*request* request, *response* response, *paths* paths, *rules* rules, *routes* routes]
-          (handle-url target routes))))))
+        (binding [*request*  request
+                  *response* response
+                  *paths*    @paths
+                  *rules*    @rules
+                  *routes*   @routes]
+          (handle-url target @routes))))))
-; TODO: Finish this code
-(defn ref-mapper [paths rules]
-  (let [paths (fn [] @paths)
-        rules (fn [] @rules)]))