Re-structure (crypto) and (math) library

Issue #218 resolved
Takashi Kato repo owner created an issue

The (crypto) library is getting huge. Initially I thought it'd be convenient that if we can import everything in one import clause. However, now it's more or less importing too many unnecessary procedures.

So it's time to re-structure and re-document the current situation. It might be better to organise the (crypto) library something like this:

  • (crypto)
  • (crypto cipher)
  • (crypto aes)
  • :
  • (crypto rsa)
  • (crypto key)
  • :
  • (crypto hash)

Each library contains related cipher name and other procedures. We can still provide (crypto) as top level library for convenience but we should also encourage users to use separate libraries.

We should also do the same thing for (math) since sitelib also contains math related library (c.f. (math mt-random)) and it's not included in (math).

Also (math hash) is rather weird because cryptographic hash functions are not necessarily be located in mathematical library. So make it obsolete.

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