heavy load of hashtable may cause C level assert

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Takashi Kato repo owner created an issue

MQTT broker is using hashtable and following scripts causes C level assert of hashtable.


(import (rnrs) (net mq mqtt broker))

(define config (make-mqtt-broker-config
        :exception-handler (lambda (s so e) (print e))))
(define broker (make-mqtt-broker "5000" :config config))

(mqtt-broker-start! broker)


(import (rnrs) (sagittarius control) (net mq mqtt client))

(let loop ()
  (let ((conn (open-mqtt-connection "localhost" "5000")))
     (let lp ((count 0))
       (mqtt-publish conn "topic" 
             (string->utf8 (format "Hello MQTT ~a" count))
             :qos +qos-at-least-once+)
       (display count) (display "\r") (flush-output-port)
       (lp (if (= count 1000) 0 (+ count 1))))
     (close-mqtt-connection! conn)))


(import (rnrs) (net mq mqtt client))

(let ((conn (open-mqtt-connection "localhost" "5000")))
  (mqtt-subscribe conn "topic" +qos-exactly-once+
                  (lambda (topic payload)
                    (get-bytevector-all payload)))
  (let loop ()
    (let ((r (mqtt-receive-message conn)))
      ;;(set! count (+ count 1))
      (display (utf8->string r))
      (display "\r")
  (close-mqtt-connection! conn))

this may be the result

ASSERT failure /home/takashi/project/sagittarius/src/hashtable.c:305: table->entryCount >= 0

It happened only twice.

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  1. Takashi Kato reporter

    It seems timing issue on multi thread environment. The line 305 on hashtable.c is checking entry count after deletion.

    There is no way to make this happen constantly for now.

  2. Takashi Kato reporter

    C level assert is not a good behaviour because it can be eliminated by build option. So what we can do is

    • Remove remaining entries, since entry count is zero anyway, and raise a Scheme error
    • Make this panic condition (at least always kills it)

    The latter one would be more consistent but the first one seems also fine. Need sometime to consider.

  3. Takashi Kato reporter

    This is more or less the issue of concurrency. It's better to fix MQTT broker implementation instead of making built-in hashtable to concurrent hashtable.

    I'll keep this issue for future reference but probably won't fix it.

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