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sagittarius-scheme / Release Note 0.5.9

Fixed bugs:

  • (rfc tls) did not caclculate MAC properly. #63
  • R7RS syntax-rules did not allow dot after ellipsis. #64
  • Compiler raised an error when macro expression was not proper list. #65
  • SRFI-9 define-record-type did not work in a library. #66
  • R7RS let-syntax and letrec-syntax did not allow more than one bindings. #67
  • R6RS/R7RS tests hung on BSD OS. #70
  • process-wait did not return proper value on BSD OS. #71
  • define-library without export clause raised an error.
  • Library (sagittarius) was loaded with -t option. #74


  • :allow-other-keys now keeps argument order. #68
  • (scheme r5rs) now exports all auxiliary syntaxes, =>, else, unquote, unquote-splicing and syntax-rules. #73
  • Socket input/output port is now bidirectional.
  • Sagittarius now can be build on Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler for Python 2.7.

New features:

  • MQTT client library (net mq mqtt) has been added.
  • AMQP client library (net mq amqp) has been added.
  • Concurrency library (util concurrent) has been added. (not documented yet)
  • Simple socket server framework library (net server) has been added.
  • align-bytevectors procedure has been added to (util bytevector)
  • Chunked buffer input and input/output port have been added to (binary io).
  • Racket's htmlprag compatible library (text sxml htmlprag) has been added.