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sagittarius-scheme / Release Note 0.9.0

Fixed bugs:

  • Issue #234: Renamed variabled refered in macro causes unbound variable error
  • Issue #235: C assert error on encrypted home of Ubuntu
  • Issue #236: make-der-utc-time creates wrong DER time
  • Issue #237: export-private-key for RSA results wrong private key
  • SRFI-19 didn't export modified julian day conversion procedures
  • (archive tar) couldn't expand entry of multiple of 512 bytes (including header)

New features:

  • TOML library (text toml) has been added (not documented)
  • Calendar library (sagittarius calendar) has been added (not documented)
  • (rfc tls) is replaced to C SSL implementation (either OpenSSL or Schannel)

New platform supports:

  • MSYS2 is supported (experimental)
  • MinGW is supported (experimental)