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sagittarius-scheme / Release Note 0.9.5

Fixed bugs:

  • Issue: #243: yaml-write raises an error with valid YAML
  • Issue: #244: Null value of YAML object can't be written
  • Issue: #245: Invalid cache on (test r6rs hashtables)
  • Issue: #246: Sliced definition of let-syntax inside of let raises an error

New features:

  • URI template library (rfc uri-template) has been added.
  • Vector utilities library (util vector) has been added.
  • JMESPath library (text json jmespath) has been added.
  • Character specialised PEG utility library (peg chars) has been added.
  • JSON patch library (rfc json-patch) has been added.
  • Extensible vector like data structure library (util flexible-vector) has been added.
  • Multiple HTTP header value reference procedure rfc5322-header-ref* has been added to (rfc :5322)
  • JSON structure comparison library (text json compare) has been added.


  • (text yaml) writes multi-lined string prettier
  • Errata of SRFI-115 is applied.

Backward incompatible changes:

  • Post finalisation of SRFI-144 has been applied. flonum procedure returns +nan.0 if it's not a flonum.