Brief Description

The proposed License Management System would allow storing all software purchase info and track the licenses that are applied to various servers and workstations. The system would be centralized for all IT members to easily access and update their portion of the work directly into the system. It would also export data into a file for software auditor review and pull customized data for annual budget preparation (possible use of chart/graph for reporting).

System Features:

1) Purchase Manager logs into the system to enter the software licenses purchased for a provided list of software or enter a new software.

2) All other members of IT can also log into the system to associate license key to its designated server or workstation that they worked with, along with users info.

3) Search feature is available for all team members to locate software license more easily reporting on licenses purchased, used and are available. It would also help locate and re-use licenses from machines that were decommissioned.

4) Export data into file for annual budget calculation and provide data to auditors for software compliance.

5) Send an email to the Purchase Manager when all licenses for a particular software have been used and he/she has to make additional purchases.

What is this repository for?

This is the Master repository for the SLMS Team.