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Is there a JUnit runner for Spirngokito

Gergo Takacs
created an issue

To shorten the configuration part can you create a runner for Springokito with default method DirtiesMock after each method. I think this could be helpful for everyone. Some thing like this:

@ContextConfiguration(locations = {"/spring.xml", "/test.xml"})

that means the same as:

@ContextConfiguration(locations = {"/spring.xml", "/test.xml"}, loader=SpringockitoContextLoader.class)
@DirtiesMocks(classMode = DirtiesMocks.ClassMode.AFTER_EACH_TEST_METHOD)
@TestExecutionListeners({DependencyInjectionTestExecutionListener.class, DirtiesContextTestExecutionListener.class, DirtiesMocksTestContextListener.class})

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