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AntennaAnalyzer / Downloads

Firmware releases

Unpack zip and choose prebuilt firmware binaries for your microcontroller: either VET6, or VCT6.

If LCD backlight does not turn on after powering the board up, connect the port PE6 to the ground circuit and reset the board.

V2.13 - Added mini Smith chart to the measurement window, with two circles (for R=50 and Y=1/50), which is helpful when working with antenna tuners.

V2.12 - refactored LCD support. Now all LCD drivers are combined into the same LCD.c file, and LCD/Touchscreen connection to the board is described in src/bsp/bsp.h. Added new board support (experimental): HY-Mini with STM32F103VCT6 and HY32D 3.2" display with SD1289 controller.

V2.10 - using smooth 10 MHz push-pulls at FSMC interface to prevent ringing on LCD bus.


PCB files in Sprint Layout 6.0 format

RF frontend PCB

Clock generator PCB

RF frontend PCB for use with Si5351a module from QRP Labs - provided by YL2GL

PCBs are optimized for laser printer based PCB technique (google for it if you are not familiar with this popular DIY technology). Double-sided (two copper layers) material is used, but only one side is etched, the other side remains intact and is used as a shield and common ground wire. Solder all vias marked as GND on the board elements side to this layer.

See the nice RF frontend PCBs made by R3KBL (

rf1.jpg rf2.jpg