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 .. 01. Why CouchDB?
-01. なぜ CouchDB なのか?
+1. なぜ CouchDB なのか?
 .. Apache CouchDB is one of a new breed of database management systems. This chapter explains why there’s a need for new systems as well as the motivations behind building CouchDB.


 .. 02. Eventual Consistency
-02. 結果整合性 (Eventual Consistency)
+2. 結果整合性 (Eventual Consistency)
 .. In the previous chapter, we saw that CouchDB’s flexibility allows us to evolve our data as our applications grow and change. In this chapter we’ll explore how working “with the grain” of CouchDB promotes simplicity in our applications and helps us naturally build scalable, distributed systems.


 .. 03. Getting Started
-03. さあ、始めよう
+3. さあ、始めよう
 .. In this chapter, we’ll take a quick tour of CouchDB’s features, familiarizing ourselves with Futon, the built-in administration interface. We’ll create our first document and experiment with CouchDB views. Before we start, skip to the installation Appendix for your operating system. You will need to follow these instructions, and get CouchDB installed, before you can progress.


 .. -*- mode: rst -*-
-04. The Core API
+4. The Core API


 .. -*- mode: rst -*-
-05. Design Documents
+5. Design Documents


 .. -*- mode: rst -*-
-06. Finding Your Data with Views
+6. Finding Your Data with Views


 .. 07. Validation Functions
-07. バリデーション機能
+7. バリデーション機能
 .. In this chapter we’ll look closely at the individual components of Sofa’s validation function. Sofa has the basic set of validation features you’ll want in your apps, so understanding it’s validation function will give us a good foundation for others we may write in the future.


 .. -*- mode: rst -*-
-08. Show Functions
+8. Show Functions


 .. 09. Transforming Views with List Functions
 .. file:///Users/kawaguti/work/couchdbjp/couchdb_definitive_guide_l10n_ja/_build/html/09_transforming_views.html
-09. Transforming Views with List Functions
+9. Transforming Views with List Functions
 List Functions


 .. 13.Viewing Lists of Blog Posts
 .. The last few chapters dealt with getting data into and out of CouchDB. You learned how to model your data into documents, and retrieve it via the HTTP API. In this chapter we’ll look at the views used to power Sofa’s index page, and the list function which renders those views as HTML or XML depending on the client’s request.


 .. 14. Scaling Basics
-14. スケーリングの基本
+15. スケーリングの基本
 .. Scaling is an overloaded term. Finding a discrete definition is tricky. 


 .. _15_replication:
-15. レプリケーション
+16. レプリケーション
 .. This chapter introduces CouchDB’s world class replication system. Replication synchronizes two copies of the same database, allowing users to have low latency access data no matter where they are. These databases can live on the same server or on two different servers, CouchDB doesn’t make a distinction. If you change one copy of the database, replication will send these changes to the other copy.


 .. 16. Conflict Management
-16. 衝突の管理
+17. 衝突の管理
 .. Suppose you are sitting in a coffee shop working on your book. Chris comes over and tells you about his new phone. The new phone came with a new number and you have Chris dictate it while you change it using your laptop’s address book application.


 .. 17. Load Balancing
-17. 負荷分散
+18. 負荷分散
 .. Jill wakes up at 4:30 am looking dazzled at her mobile phone. She receives text message after text message one every minute. Finally, Joe calls. Joe is furious and Jill has trouble understanding what Joe is saying. In fact, Jill has a hard time remembering why Joe would call her in the middle of the night. Then she remembers: “Joe is running this online shop selling sports gear on one of your servers and he is furious because the server went down and Joe’s customers in New Zeeland [Sanity check time zones] are angry because they can’t get to the online shop.”


 .. 18. Clustering
-18. クラスタ構成
+19. クラスタ構成
 .. Ok, you’ve made it this far, I’m assuming you more or less understand what CouchDB is and how the application API works. Maybe you’ve deployed an application or two, and now you’ve dealing with enough traffic that you need to think about scaling. "Scaling" is an imprecise word, in this chapter we’ll be dealing with the aspect of putting together a partitioned or sharded cluster, that will have to grow at an increasing rate over time from day one.


 .. 19. Change Notifications
-19. 変更通知
+20. 変更通知
 .. Say you are building a message service with CouchDB.
 .. 20. View Cookbook for SQL Jockeys
-20. SQL使いのためのビュークックブック
+21. SQL使いのためのビュークックブック
 .. This is a collection of some common SQL queries and how to get the same result in CouchDB. The key to remember here is that CouchDB does not work like an SQL database at all and that best practices from the SQL world do not translate well or at all to CouchDB. This cookbook assumes that you are familiar with the CouchDB basics like creating and updating databases and documents.


 .. 21. Security
-21. セキュリティ
+22. セキュリティ
 .. We mentioned earlier that CouchDB is still in development and that some thing might have been added since the publication of this book. This is especially tue for the security mechanisms in CouchDB. There is rudimentary support in currently released versions (0.10.0), but as we’re writing these lines, additions are being discussed.


 .. 22. High Performance
-22. ハイパフォーマンス
+23. ハイパフォーマンス
 .. This chapter will teach you the fastest ways to insert and query data with CouchDB. It will also explain why there is a wide range of performance across various techniques.


 .. -*- mode: rst -*-
-23. Recipes
+24. Recipes
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-.. Indices and tables
-   目次
-   ==================
+.. Table of Contents
+.. toctree::
+   :maxdepth: 1
+   foreword
+   preface
 .. Part I. Introduction
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