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* OCaml-bert

version 0.0.2

see for BERT.
see for OCaml

* Licensed under dual-license: LGPL with linking exception, or EPL

* Version

* Installation

* Prequieistes

erlang, ocaml, omake

* Instruction

$ omake
$ escript termwriter.erl   .. translates termwriter.eterm -> termwriter.bert
$ ./termreader termwriter.bert
and compare the result with termwriter.eterm!!

* Roadmap (TODO)
  stdin/stdout program demo
  TCP server demo

* Serialization/Deserialization support

erlang terms - support in ocaml
  integer  o- ok in ocaml
  float    o- ok in ocaml
  atom     o- just a string in ocaml
  list     o- list with polymorphic variant ... maybe supported.
  tuple    o- tuple. maybe supported. difficult problem of types.
  pid      x- not supported or libei supported?!
  ref      x- not supported or translated to some binary
  fun      x- not supported 
  binary   o- just an string, maybe
  port     x- not supported

* interface
  ocaml       erlang
  integer <-> integer
  bignum  <-> integer
  float   <-> flost
  string  <-> atom

for erlang binary term format.

* Files        - the very BERT implementation  - basic test code  - simple test code  - TCP server test code (in progress)
 termwriter.erl - erlang code that generates BERT-formatted file
 termwriter.eterm - term information source file