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 # The default values are defined as follows:
 # Various options
 FILES[] =
-#    file2
 LIB = ocamlbert
 .DEFAULT: $(OCamlLibrary $(LIB), $(FILES))
 FILES[] =
 PROGRAM = tcp_server 
 FILES2[] =
 exception Unknown_type;;
 let print_binary bin = 
+  print_endline "------------------------------";;
+  (*
   let rec print_ n =
     if n < String.length bin then begin 
       print_int (int_of_char (String.get bin n));
     end else 
       print_endline " ahoge  .. "
-    print_ 0;;
+    print_ 0;; *)
 let make_small_bigint bin len =
   let rec make_small_bigint_ i prod v = 
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