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making tests for bert.

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 FILES[] =
-LIB = ocamlbert
+LIB = bert
 .DEFAULT: $(OCamlLibrary $(LIB), $(FILES))
 FILES[] =
-     tcp_server
+     tests_bert
+#     tcp_server
-PROGRAM = tcp_server 
+PROGRAM = tests_bert 
 FILES2[] =
-OCAML_LIBS += ocamlbert
+OCAML_LIBS += bert
 OCAML_OTHER_LIBS += unix str
 .DEFAULT: $(OCamlProgram $(PROGRAM), $(FILES)) \
-	$(OCamlProgram termreader, $(FILES2))
+	  $(OCamlProgram termreader, $(FILES2))
 test: $(PROGRAM) termreader
-#	./$(PROGRAM)$(EXE)
+	./$(PROGRAM)$(EXE)
+(** tests for **)
+exception Test_failure;;
+let _ =
+  print_endline "hoge";
+  raise Test_failure;;
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