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edoc. TODO: add comments to tcadb.erl

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 	@echo "  make build (make b) - build all source code into *.beam/*.so"
 	@echo "  make test  (make t) - basic automated test. all operations will be checked."
 	@echo "  make perf  (make p) - performance test (not supported yet)"
+	@echo "  make edoc  (make d) - build edoc"
 	@echo "  make clean (make c) - clean all"
 b: build
 	sed -e 's;%VSN%;$(YATCE_VSN);' ./src/ > ./ebin/
-##$(TARGET): # c_src/Makefile
-##	cd c_src && make
+e: edoc
+edoc: src/tcadb.erl
+	erl -noshell -eval 'ok=edoc:files(["src/tcadb.erl"], [{dir,"edoc"}]).' -s init stop
+#	erl -eval 'ok=edoc:packages(["src/tcadb.erl"], [{dir,"edoc"}]).' -s init stop
+#	escript ./build_edoc.erl
 t: test
 test: build
 		      %%     List misc(in string name, in List args);
 -spec init() -> 'ok'.
     case code:priv_dir(?MODULE) of