yatce / ChangeLog

Full commit
2009-11-20  UENISHI Kota  <>

	* src/yatce.erl (db): API changed;
	 yatce:newdb/2 -> yatce:db/2
	this API change aims at confirmation for users that API has changed.
	versioned as 0.10.0 for new feature - application-ized.

2009-09-10  UENISHI Kota  <>

	* src/yatce.erl (newdb): open options enabled.
	don't do yatce:newdb/2, yet other open for same DB file 
	and different options.	versioned as 0.9.1.

2009-09-06  UENISHI Kota  <>

	* c_src/dispatcher.c (yatce_drv_control): most problems solved.
	reason for memory leaking was here, not handling of hash_map
	query failure. versioned as 0.9.0.

2009-08-29  UENISHI Kota  <>

	* src/yatce.erl (start_link): timer:sleep/1 for waiting 
	gen_server finishes gen_server:start_link/3, Module:init/1.
	This is not intrinsic solution; versioned as 0.8.6.

	* c_src/endecode.c (decode_key): all key/value types 
	puttable! versioned as 0.8.5.

2009-08-28  UENISHI Kota  <>

	* c_src/tc_table_operation.c (tc_rnum): tcadb:rnum/0, tcadb:size/0

	* src/yatce.erl (start): gen_server-ization done!
	tests related to yatce passes at all!
	versioned as 0.8.4

2009-08-27  UENISHI Kota  <>

	* c_src/yatce_map.c (del_yatce_map): refactoring around 
	C layer - table object hashed list done. versioned as 0.8.3

2009-08-26  UENISHI Kota  <>

	* src/tcadb.erl (size): tcadb:path/0, tcadb:rnum/0, tcadb:size/0
	implemented for version 0.8.2.

2009-08-25  UENISHI Kota  <>

	* test/elementary_SUITE.erl (groups): elementary test for 
	{hash|binary|fixed|table} databases passed! great!

2009-08-24  UENISHI Kota  <>

	* c_src/tc_wrapper.c (tc_put): bugfix for comment-out mistake.

2009-08-23  UENISHI Kota  <>

	* src/performer.erl (start): now `make perf` works.
	easy performance test has been working.

2009-08-21  UENISHI Kota  <>

	* test/tcadb_SUITE.erl (iterator): iterinit/iternext supported.
	first elementary test and basic tcadb test passed.

	* src/tcadb.erl (putcat): stop supporting tcadb:putcat/2
	because result of concatinating Value depends on the types.

2009-08-20  UENISHI Kota  <>

	* src/yatce.erl (newdb): adding type/spec according to EEP 08.

2009-07-12  UENISHI Kota  <>

	* yatce: 0.7 released.

	* c_src/dispatcher.c (yatce_drv_control): I was afraid of memory leaking,
	tried some emory leak test. its result seems good: no memory leak looking at
	'top' command, creating 2.6GB ADB file. Much more patters of operations
	is to be tested, but there seems no architectural design failure.

2009-06-07  UENISHI Kota  <>

	* src/tcadb.erl: version 0.5 tagged.