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 see [[|Issues]].
+== Sample Code and little Tutorial ==
+# ダウンロード、展開 (`hg clone`とか)
+# 環境に合わせてMakefileを書き換える
+## `make all`
+## `make t` →テストが通れば使用可能
+# ebin/tctest.erlを試しに実行してみるなど
+# 自分のプログラムを書こう!
+  ok = yatce:init([{libdir, "../c_src/"}]),
+  T = yatce:newdb('/tmp/tablename.tch', []),
+  Key = "somekey",
+  Value = "somevalue",
+  {ok, inserted} = T:put(Key, Value),
+  {ok, Value} = T:get(Key),
+  {ok, inserted} = T:put("key2", <<"keyhoge">>),
+  {ok, closed} = T:close(),
+  yatce:fini().
-$ hg clone
-Wiki pages are normal files, with the .wiki extension. You can edit them locally, as well as creating new ones.
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