What is it?

ApproxMC (version 2) is an approximate model counter for CNF formulas based on our IJCAI-16 paper:

The version 1 can be invoked by setting searchMode to 0 (Use "-h" for more information when running approxmc binary). The version 1 was based on our CP-13 paper.

For more details on our hashing-based approach to sampling and counting, please visit:

The Latest Version

The latest version can be downloaded from


ApproxMC is released under MIT License. For more details, please see the file LICENSE.


 ./approxmc --epsilon=0.8 --delta=0.2 --gaussuntil=400 <input file>

The file ProbMapFile.txt should be in the same directory from which approxmc is being invoked. Both epsilon and delta should be floats between 0 and 1. Epsilon represents the accuracy of the result with respect to the exact answer. (1-delta) is the confidence.

ApproxMC, run on a given CNF file, returns an approximate #SAT result, within epsilon percent of the exact count, with a confidence of (1-delta).


Report issues using bitbucket. Please do not email me.


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