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Welcome to Pixel Storm project wiki!


This game was created as an entry to GameJolt #LOWREZJAM in which competitors had to make a game with maximum resolution of 32x32 pixels. I decided to go with 40x24 up scaled to 800x480.

Game play is based on a game ClusterStorm created by globware which is a clone of an old PSP game Squarez.

You control a player (simply one pixel) using accelerometer in your phone and your goal is to pick up as many green-ish pixels as possible. Each time you pick up some, an enemy is spawned. Enemy is moving simply up/down or left/right at fixed position. If you collide with an enemy you lose 1 life.

Game modes

Pixel Storm has 2 game modes so far with more to come!

  1. Arcade - In this mode player has 3 lives at the beginning to work with and every 4th or 5th pick up a charge is spawned. If player pick ups this charge he becomes larger and able to destroy enemies by crushing to them. The charge only lasts 4 seconds so you have to be quick with that. Item pick up is rated with 100 points and destroyed enemy with 25.

  2. Survival - In survival game mode there are no charges spawned and the player only has 1 life. Survival mode is therefore much more difficult. Item pick up is rated with 100 points.

Get the game

You can download the game for free from the Windows Phone Store.

Report issue

Public Bitbucket issue tracker is available here.

Change log


  • Fixed user idle detection problem, phone doesn't go to sleep mode while the game is running anymore.


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