With Statement Support for Patching Fakes

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Issue #3 resolved
Cristian Esquivias created an issue

If you want to monkeypatch an object within a method, you currently have to:

{{{ #!python # from docs

SMTP = fudge.Fake()

rest of SMPT init

patched_smtplib = fudge.patch_object("smtplib", "SMTP", SMTP)

do your stuff



This works fine, but it can look a little cleaner, and always be properly restored, by using context managers and the with statement.

For example:

{{{ #!python #using the example above

with fudge.patch('smtplib', 'SMTP', SMTP): # do your stuff


It's a pretty simple addition. I've included a changeset that adds this functionality.

I wasn't sure what minimum version of Python was supported (context managers were added in 2.5) so the new code fails gracefully if it's an older version of Python.

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  1. Kumar McMillan repo owner

    Hi Cristian. Thanks again, nice patch. I applied this feature but I changed the function name to fudge.patched_context() to give it a more pneumonic quality. Grab an update and you will see it and I added API docs for it too.

    It seems that the @contextmanager decorator triggers what I believe may be an obscure bug in sphinx; I am still puzzled by it. Its only side effect is that doctests for patched_context() are not run, but I can live with that for now.

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