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Give info about already-existing ports

Éric Araujo
created an issue

For projects that do have a Python 3 version, the site should say so, otherwise it causes more harm than good. For example, Django has unreleased support in svn, PyGTK is replaced by python-gi and gobject (GTK 3, Python 3), ctypes, elementtree and json (nearly same as simplejson) are in the stdlib, distribute provides setuptools for 3.x, docutils is ported, etc. These examples show different kind of support. (“Python” is a stupid entry :)

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  1. Kumar McMillan repo owner

    Hi Eric. All really good points. The site is currently automated from PyPI so the community forks are not available in that data. I was thinking there should be a way for users to submit that kind of info but no one has implemented that yet. I agree about the "Python" entry, I haven't filtered that out of the PyPI data yet. If you'd like to work on it, please feel free to change / delete anything; I'd be happy to give you direct access to this repo.

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