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-# Clj-DBCP v0.5
+# Clj-DBCP v0.6
 Clj-DBCP is a simple Java-6/Clojure wrapper around the Apache DBCP library for
 creating database connection pools and for embedding databases in applications.
 * Auto-select driver classname and validation query for supported database
 * API for memory/filesystem/network based data sources for embedded databases
 * Supported and tested:
-  (a) Regular ODBC DSNs
-  (b) Apache Derby, HSQLDB, H2, SQLite
-  (c) CUBRID, Firebird, MySQL, PostgreSQL
+  1. Regular ODBC DSN, Lite ODBC DSN (eg. MS-Excel workbooks)
+  2. Apache Derby, HSQLDB, H2, SQLite, Axion
+  3. CUBRID, Firebird, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MonetDB
 * Supported but not tested: Oracle, IBM DB2, jTDS (SQL Server, Sybase)
 * Create datasource as per configuration in Properties file
 ## Building/Installation
+_Note:_ Due to dependency on ODBC and Excel support, builds may work only on
+Windows with respective databases (mentioned in configuration files) configured
+and started up.
 You will need Maven 2 or better to build from sources. Execute the following:
     $ mvn clean package  # packages up a JAR in "target" dir
 Example usage: see Derby example
+## Create data source for Axion database
+    ;; in-memory instance
+    (db-spec
+      (axion-memory-datasource))
+    ;; filesystem instance
+    (db-spec
+      (axion-filesystem-datasource))
+Example usage: see Derby example
 ## Create data source for CUBRID database
 Example usage: see Derby example
+## Create data source for MonetDB database
+    (db-spec
+      (monetdb-datasource "localhost" "exampledb" "dbuser" "dbpassword"))
+Example usage: see Derby example
 ## Create data source for Firebird database
         (set-max-active! ds 15)
         ;; set minimum and maximum number of idle connections on the datasource
         (set-min-max-idle! ds 3 8)
+        ;; set connection properties
+        (add-connection-property! ds "connectTimeout=1000, socketTimeout=500")
+        ;(add-connection-property! ds {:connectTimeout 1000 :socketTimeout 500})
     weird.validation-query=SELECT 1
+    weird.conn-properties=
+    weird.conn-properties=connectTimeout=1000, socketTimeout=500