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# Changes and TODO

- [TODO] Test-cases for untested databases:
  Oracle, IBM DB2, SQL Server, Sybase

## 0.3 / 2010-Dec-29

- Support for CUBRID database
- Support for SQLite database

## 0.2 / 2010-Oct-23

- API for changing connection pool parameters
- Move database credentials (unit tests) to properties file
- JNDI datasource (but for diagnostics you should use the Clj-ArgUtil library)
- Supported but not tested: jTDS (MS SQL Server, Sybase)

## 0.1 / 2010-Oct-05

- BasicDataSource with driver classname, JDBC url, username and password
- Support for validation query
- Auto-select driver classname and validation query for supported database
- API for memory/filesystem/network based data sources for embedded databases
- Supported+tested: Apache Derby, HSQLDB, H2, MySQL, PostgreSQL
- Supported but not tested: Oracle, IBM DB2