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remove k-to-colname and colname-to-k functions (they look goofy)

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 ;; ===== Keyword to/from string conversion =====
-(defn k-to-colname
-  "Convert a keyword to database column name (string) and replace dash with
-  underscore."
-  [k]
-  (let [n (name k)
-        s (.replace n "-" "_")]
-    s))
-(defn colname-to-k
-  "Convert database column name (string) to keyword after replacing underscore
-  with dash."
-  [^String s]
-  (let [n (.replace s "_" "-")]
-    (keyword n)))
 (defn k-to-camelstr
   "Convert keyword to camel-case string and treat dash as case-changer.


 (deftest test-keyword-string-conversion
-  (testing "k-to-colname"
-    (is= k-to-colname {:a "a" :a-b "a_b"}))
-  (testing "colname-to-k"
-    (is= colname-to-k {"a" :a "a_b" :a-b}))
   (testing "k-to-camelstr"
     (is= k-to-camelstr {:-            ""
                         :to-do        "toDo"       ; dash triggers upper-case
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