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deep-transform all values

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   ;; Fill template with key and value
   ([^StringTemplate template k v]
-    (.setAttribute template (stringify k) v)
+    (.setAttribute template (stringify k) (each-kv-to-sv v))
   ;; Fill template with key/value from map


 (declare kv-to-sv)
+(declare scan-kv-to-sv)
+(defn each-kv-to-sv "If element is a collection type, do deep transformation"
+  [each]
+  (if (map? each)
+    (kv-to-sv each)
+    (if (or (vector? each) (list? each) (seq? each) (set? each))
+      (scan-kv-to-sv each)
+      each)))
 (defn scan-kv-to-sv
   "Scans a collection and turns any contained map within from kv to sv"
-  (map #(if (map? %)
-          (kv-to-sv %)
-          (if (or (vector? %) (list? %) (seq? %) (set? %))
-            (scan-kv-to-sv %)
-            %))
-    coll))
+  (map each-kv-to-sv coll))
 (defn kv-to-sv
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