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       (:use org.bituf.clj-stringtemplate))
+## Create empty view template
+    (create-view)
+This creates an empty view template, which is not very useful by itself. You
+can reset the template using reset-view! (described below).
+## Create view template from specified string parameter
+    (create-view "hello $adjective$ world")
+The snippet above will create a view template using the specified string
+"hello $adjective$ world".
 ## Load view template from classpath
     (get-view-from-classpath "hello")
+## Reset view template using specified string template
+    (let [view (create-view "hello")]
+      ...
+      (reset-view! view "hello $adjective$ world")
+      ...
+      (fill-view! view "name" "Henry")
+      ...)
+The snippet above first creates a view template, then resets it with another
 ## Populate view template with attribute/values
     (let [view (get-view-from-classpath "hello")]

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-  <version>0.2-SNAPSHOT</version>
+  <version>0.2</version>
   <description>Clj-Stringtemplate is a Clojure wrapper for the StringTemplate Java library</description>