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Shantanu Kumar  committed 746dcbf

fix API calls as per updated Clj-MiscUtil

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      (mu/array? ~args) (let [~(with-meta qargs ; Object[]
                                 {:tag "[Ljava.lang.Object;"}) ~args]
-     :else (mu/illegal-arg-value "args"
+     :else (mu/illegal-argval "args"
              "either map, or collection, or array" ~args)))
                                     (map into-array batch-args)]
                                 (.batchUpdate (get-sjt) sql args-list))
-                       :else (mu/illegal-arg-value "batch-args"
+                       :else (mu/illegal-argval "batch-args"
                                "either list of lists, or list of maps"
     (map identity result-array)))