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# Changes and TODO

* [TODO] Stored procedures (without database metadata, StoredProcedure)
* [TODO] Database vendor specific error codes
* [TODO] Database metadata assisted Stored Procedures

## 0.3 / 2011-July-??

* Use Clj-DBSpec 0.3
* [TODO] Support :fetch-size and :query-timeout in SimpleJdbcTemplate
* Spring-Batch features
  * [TODO] Lazy loading of SELECT query results to conserve memory
  * [TODO] Range based lazy fetching of query results for pagination

## 0.2 / 2011-Apr-01

* Use Clj-DBSpec 0.2
* Database transactions
* Custom transaction definition
  * Rule based rollback
  * Predicate based rollback
  * Isolation level
  * Propagation behavior
  * Read-only transactions
  * Transaction timeout

## 0.1 / 2011-Mar-06

* Use Spring 3.0.5
* Parameterized SQL statements (SimpleJdbcTemplate)
* Database metadata assisted Inserts (SimpleJdbcInsert)
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