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|| README ||

"Hello Dolly" is a tiny "Hello World" sort of application to demonstrate
how JWebMVC can be integrated with different view technologies, viz
- StringTemplate
- Freemarker templates
- Velocity templates
- JSP (this technique also applies to JSF)

JWebMVC is part of Bitumen Framework:

Hello Dolly is Open Source software (Apache 2.0 license). Read the file
LICENSE.txt for licensing details.

For discussions, consider joining the group:

You can also contact me directly by writing to


This project uses the following Open Source libraries:

- Embedded H2 database for development-mode
- Embedded Jetty servlet container for development-mode
- Bitumen Jettify as a helper to embed Jetty servlet container
- Bitumen JWebMVC as the Servlet controller for MVC-2 stuff
- Hibernate + Hibernate Annotations for Object-Relational Mapping
- StringTemplate for view layer (HTML templating)
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