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# Changes and TODO

- [TODO] Other Clj-Liquibase commands: Reverse-engineer schema

## 0.3.1 / 2011-Dec-14

- update dependency to Clj-DBCP v0.6

## 0.3 / 2011-Nov-20

- Update to Clj-Liquibase 0.3
- Clj-Liquibase command: Diff (the regular one, not diffChangelog)

## 0.2 / 2011-Apr-05

- Pick up var that defines changelog (Clj-Liquibase) from application sources
- Clj-Liquibase commands: Update, Rollback, Tag, DBDoc
- Allow defaults in project.clj (key :lein-lb) of application
- Integrate with Clj-DBCP for database connections

## 0.1 / 2010-Nov-?? (GMT + 5:30)

- Proxy commands to Liquibase (from the plugin)
- Pull in Liquibase and Open Source JDBC Drivers as Maven dependencies
- Command for displaying comprehensive sample properties (
- Help command
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