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# Lein-LB v0.1

Leiningen plugin for [Liquibase: an RDBMS change management software](http://www.liquibase.org/).

## Usage

Leiningen dependency details are here: [http://clojars.org/org.bituf/lein-lb](http://clojars.org/org.bituf/lein-lb)

## Building/Installation

    lein deps
    lein install

## License

Copyright (C) 2010 Shantanu Kumar (kumar.shantanu at gmail dot com)

Distributed under the Apache 2 License.

# Tutorial

Include Lein-LB as a dev dependency in project.clj:

    :dev-dependencies [[org.bituf/oss-jdbc "0.2"] ; pulls OSS JDBC drivers
                       [org.bituf/lein-lb  "0.1"]]

and then,

    lein deps
    lein lb

Ideally you would store database/environment configuration inside the file
./liquibase.properties file. An easy way to do that is to run this:

    lein lb :sample-properties > liquibase.properties

and then edit the file liquibase.properties as required.