Shantanu Kumar committed 27e24b5

add Jaybird - JDBC driver for Open Source Firebird database
update version as 0.4-SNAPSHOT

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-  <version>0.3</version>
+  <version>0.4-SNAPSHOT</version>
     OSS-JDBC is an empty Maven project that depends on several Open Source JDBC
     <dependency><!-- Apache Derby -->
-      <version></version>
+      <version></version>
     <dependency><!-- Apache Derby Client -->
-      <version></version>
+      <version></version>
     <dependency><!-- Apache Derby Tools (network server)-->
-      <version></version>
+      <version></version>
     <dependency><!-- H2 Database -->
-      <version>1.2.143</version>
+      <!-- <version>1.2.143</version> -->
+      <version>1.3.148</version>
     <dependency><!-- HSQLDB -->
     <dependency><!-- Postgresql -->
-      <!-- <version>8.4-701.jdbc3</version> -->
-      <version>8.4-701.jdbc4</version>
+      <!-- <version>9.0-801.jdbc3</version> -->
+      <version>9.0-801.jdbc4</version>
     <dependency><!-- SQL Server / Sybase -->
     <!-- Firebird (Jaybird) -->
-    <!--
+      <exclusions>
+        <exclusion>
+          <groupId>javax.jms</groupId>
+          <artifactId>jms</artifactId>
+        </exclusion>
+      </exclusions>
-    -->
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