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Csound Package Manager

Author: Steven Yi

The Csound Package Manager (also called cspm) is a python script for package management. cspm has tools for installing packages from a repository, searching for packages, as well as tools to help build packages.

CSPM is developed using only standard Python libraries.

* Python 2.5+
* sqlite3
* xml or json


For developers, there is a testdata.sql file that can be useful for populating the sqlite3 database with mock data.  To use, type in this command: ::

    sqlite3 ~/.cspm/cspm.db < testdata.sql

Please be sure to use the cspm.py script at least once to initialize the ~/.cspm folder before using the above command.


* install
** place temporary packages in CACHE_FOLDER + server_name or some other value
** handle resolve dependencies
** check if package already installed
** handle errors more gracefully
** give user prompts (confirm after computing dependencies)
* update
** need to merge update list with what is in db
** handle what to do if a package is installed but removed from server
** check if separate installed table necessary

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