Have to click twice on header button before menu displays

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Nick Reilingh created an issue

I'm evaluating version 1.3.0 with confluence 5.10.3, and when I load a page, the header item does not display an arrow indicating it is a menu. If I click the icon once, then the arrow displays, and if I click it a second time, the menu displays. My expectation would be that the arrow displays when the page is loaded, and a single click would cause the menu to appear.

Is anyone else seeing this issue, or could it be related to a plugin conflict or Confluence version?

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  1. Tina Hudson
    • changed status to open

    Hi Nick, thanks for reaching out to us.

    I will come back to you with more details shortly.


  2. Tina Hudson

    Hi Nick, my apologies for the delay.

    We have just released 1.3.1 version which resolves the issue.

    Please, confirm issue resolution.

    Thanks, Tina.

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