Custom button does not work when multiple versions of attachment are present

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Auke Miedema created an issue

When only singe versions exist, a new page opens, to let the user choose which attachment to delete (third row in the attached image). When on a page multiple versions exist of some attachments the Custom button does not work (fifth row in image). Is this the correct behavior? I prefer to have a page opened so I can choose.

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  1. Tina Hudson
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    Hi Auke, May I ask for your Confluence version?

    In the fifth row, Custom button is enabled and a new page is opened.

    Do you have an issue after click on Custom button or maybe you mean fourth row where it’s disabled in the table?

    Best regards, Tina.

  2. Auke Miedema reporter

    Hi Tina, We use Confluence 5.9.4 When I click on the button on the fifth row, nothing happens, no new page opens. This only happens when there are attachments with multiple versions on that page. Auke

  3. Tina Hudson

    Hi Auke, we have just released 2.0.2 version which resolves the issue.

    Please, confirm issue resolution.

    Thanks, Tina.

  4. Auke Miedema reporter

    Hi Tina, Tested the latest version, Custom button now works properly! Vriendelijke groet,

    Auke Miedema ICT-Coördinator De Vries Groep

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