Make the permission helper screen searchable/filter (+ bonus functionality)

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Issue #3 resolved
Dorian Kersch created an issue

As a user or space admin, I would like to see who has access to my page. Unfortunately, there are 1,000+ people that can view my space. How can I quickly find if my new member on my team can see it? If there was a little search / filter, on that it would be great.

If the person doesn't show up, there would be some nice features to add that I label "bonus"

Bonus: If the person isn't in confluence, show a "person has never logged in" or "can't find them" message

Bonus: If the person can't view the page, but exists in confluence, show them in a grey.

Bonus: Be able to click on that person and give them view/edit access on the spot.

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  1. Tina Hudson

    Thanks Dorian for your collaboration.

    A new version 1.1.0 just has been released which may meets your requirements.

    Best regards,


  2. Dorian Kersch reporter

    Awesome! Just installed 1,1,0 and most of the functionality was delivered! You rock!

    Solutions to the first 2 bonuses were delivered! 3rd bonus was not, but still super great work.

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