1. Description
  2. License
  3. Requirements
  4. Installation
  5. Instructions
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  7. Contributing


Watertone is a python library that implements reversible methods to convert color graphics and pictures to printable images. Some implemented methods are based on wavelet-space watermarking. Other methods in this library are designed to watermark the color information directly on the printable halftones.


Watertone is released under GNU GPL version 2.


Watertone was tested with Python 2.7 and Python 3.4.0, Scipy 0.10.0, Scikit-image 0.7.1, Numpy 1.9.0, PyWavelets, Halftones, PyColorTools, and Cython 0.21.1.


  1. Clone the last version

    # hg clone

  2. Go to the directory where '' os located

    cd watertone

  3. Install using distributils

    # sudo python install


The repository 'test' contains some examples of how to use the functions.


Please send all comments, questions, reports and suggestions (especially if you would like to contribute) to


If you would like to contribute with new algorithms, increment the code performance, documentation or another kind of modifications, please contact me. The only requirements are: keep the code compatible with PEP8 standardization and licensed by GPLv2.


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[2] Ko, Kyung-Woo, et al. Color embedding and recovery based on wavelet packet transform. Journal of Imaging Science and Technology 52.1 (2008): 10501-1.