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README port for v2.

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 website using python scripts. Every page of the site is written using markdown,
 to help formatting easily text.
-In this READ, you will see SOURCES several times. By default it is in sources/
-from the root of your clone, but you can change it in lpbm/constansts. Actually
-you can change a lot of paths in this file.
+This project is still under heavy developpement, and a lot of things aren't
+fixed yet (meaning config file can change rapidly and often, for example).
-By the way, this project is still under heavy developpement, and a lot of
-things aren't fixed yet (meaning config file can change rapidly and often, for
-example). Don't use it right now if you are not willing to spend some time fix
-things between updates.
+Don't use it right now if you are not willing to spend some time fix things
+between big updates.
+This file only contains the minimum you need to know to install LPBM. A more
+detailed documentation is provided in `doc/` directory, as a sphinx
-* Articles created with a unique *.markdown* file.
-    * Unlimited authors and categories.
-    * A permalink is based on article id (fixed if not changed).
-* RSS Feed generated at /rssfeed.xml
-* Author management based on logins.
-    * Biographical pages availble.
-* Simple code embedding (using pygments).
-* Simple menu management.
-    * Menu is generated using informations available in articles.
-* Paginate.
-### Configuration
-Configuration can be set in the files SOURCES/config. It can contain blog
-title, subtitle and footer (in this order). Syntax is s follow:
+* LPBM is splited in several sub-modules. Including config management, articles
+  management, authors management and blog generation.
+* You only need to know markdown to write articles. Every meta-dta is stored in
+  ini files, meaning you can manage them with any CVS.
+* You can have any number of authors on articles, and any number of categories.
+* Simple code embedding into articles. (using pygments).
-    [title: My blog title]
-    [subtitle: My blog subtitle]
-    [footer: My blog footer]
-    [url:]
-    [disqus_id: id]
-    [twitter_id: id]
-    [rss_articles: nb_articles_in_rss]
-Keep line empty if you don't want to set a variable.
+LPBM will soon be packaged with and PKGBUILD, and I will put it in AUR
+too, when it will be ready for a Release Candidate.
-### Articles
+### Install LPBM as a script.
-Articles are represented by *.markdown* files. The header of the file can
-contain informations such as id, authors and categories. Syntax is as follow:
+For know, you can just clone this repository and link `~/.local/bin/lpbm` to
+the file. Then you add `$HOME/.local/bin/` to your `PATH` environment
+variable and you can execute LPBM everywhere.
-    id: 1337
-    author: login1
-    [author: login2] ...
-    category: Master1|Sub Category1
-    [category: Master2|Sub Category2] ...
-    title: Article Title
-    [slug: slug]
+### Install dependencies
-    Article content...
+You also must install `python` version 3, `pip` for python version 3 and all
+the python library dependencies. To do this, you just have to execute `pip
+install -r requirements.txt` and you'll have everything you need.
-*id* has a special meaning. When it is absent, article will be ignored, else it
-will be used in permalink and for ordering articles (from highest to lower).
-Each author and category must be on their own lines, authors first. No new line
-between authors and categories.
-*slug* is there if you want to change the title of your article without
-breaking permalinks.
-### Authors
-You can set some variables to authors, like his name, email or bio. A file to
-describe an author should be placed in SOURCES/authors/*login*.markdown with
-*login* replaced correctly. Syntax is as follow:
-    name: Your Name Here
-    email:
-    [bio (markdown)]
+There will be a detailed description of all the features and the usage of all
+commands in the sphinx documentation in `doc` directory.
 Other information
-### Authors
+### Authors (v2)
+* [Franck Michea](
+### Authors (v1)
-* [Pierre Bourdon](
 * [Franck Michea](
+* [Pierre Bourdon](
 ### LPBM generates this blog:
 * [Markdown Syntax](
 * [Code Embedding](
-### Dependencies
-Library used:
-* **PyRSS2Gen**: RSS Generator. ([](
-* **Jinja2**: Template engine. ([](
-These programs are executed by the script.
-* **sass**: SCSS to CSS Translator in ruby.
-* **pygmentize**: Gets pygment's stylesheet.
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