Smart Shooter External API

This repository contains documentation, example code and utility scripts for using the External API that is exposed by Smart Shooter. More information about Smart Shooter can be found at:

The External API itself does not impose any restrictions on what programming language can be used. The API operates by communicating over a socket managed by ZeroMQ, using JSON as the message format.

Further documentation about the API is contained in the external_api.rst file.

The example scripts demonstrate how the API can be used from Python, but these can be used as a reference for other languages.

Installing Python on Windows

To run the examples on Windows, Python must be installed, along with the pyzmq python package (for using ZeroMQ). The latest version of Python can be downloaded from It's recommended to install version 3.4 or later.

Once Python is installed, open a command prompt. Check that the newly installed python.exe is in your PATH. Python will also have added pip.exe, which is used to install new python packages. This is located in the Scripts subdirectory of the Python installation, so also add this directory to you PATH. For example:

set PATH=C:\Python34;C:\Python34\Scripts;%PATH%

Then to install pyzmq:

pip install --user pyzmq

Now to run one of the examples:

python utils/