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Hawken's Breed Full Movie Hd 1080p

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Foo Hawken is a rugged drifter and loner who meets and comes to rescue a young Shawnee woman, named &quot;Spirit&quot; in 1840s Tennessee, whom he leaves after saving her from a rouge group of Shawnee Indians. After taking up residence with an old fur trapper and old friend named Jeb Kline, Hawken later meets Spirit again, who runs away from a local fur trader named Tackett, to whom she is sold. Soon, Hawken is up against Tackett and a posse of hired killers, as well as a greedy and racist land owner, named Hickman, whose long abused son Noel narrates the entire story, comes to his and Spirit&#39;s aid to help them survive. A friend of mine once rented this, thinking since Peter Fonda starred in it, it couldn&#39;t be bad. WRONG! It&#39;s bad as anything can be. There is so much to laugh at and it&#39;s not the jokes. For instance, in one scene Hawken walks into the forest and when he comes out he is suddenly wearing a completely different outfit! Where was &quot;the director&#39;s&quot; brain when he shot that scene?!? Probably the same place Fonda&#39;s was when he agreed to do this flick. It&#39;s truly a shame one has to see such a fine actor go dumb in this poor excuse for a film.<br/><br/>Nobody&#39;s performance in this movie can be called acting. Jack Elam is brought in just to bring up the star count here, but all he does is looking startled in a very dark and awfully shot scene in some kind of bar. Not to mention the &quot;Indians&quot;, the girl was so godawful I wanted to shoot her just to end her misery and mine as well. If I could give this a 0, I would. Shame that mark doesn&#39;t exist here. This truly reminds of a bad joke or an amateur footage made just for fun. This should serve as a proof of how bad B-movies can get. Hawken&#39;s Breed is much maligned. Those who say it is the worst film ever made clearly haven&#39;t seen many films.<br/><br/>This is an independent film made with a former major maverick film star (Peter Fonda), former major supporting player (Jack Elam), and former starlet (Sue Ann Langdon) supported by some solid character actors (Bill Thurman). I suspect all were working cheap or cheaper than they had in their prime.<br/><br/>And &quot;cheap&quot; is the operative word. Things are filmed on a small(er) budget. That does not diminish the film but you have to accept that what you are going to watch has that limitation. There are many films made on similar limitations that transcend them and outdo much bigger budget films but this isn&#39;t one of them. There is, however, enough here to keep one interested and enough to admire when it comes to film making on a shoe string.<br/><br/>At its heart this is a revenge themed frontier western. The story is simple and what is perhaps most obvious is the isolation of people in frontier times. A step the wrong way off a track or meeting up with strangers who are no good could end your life. The elements, the wild life, the Native Americans, other frontiersmen, all could leave you dead or dying in the middle of nowhere.<br/><br/>The director Charles Pierce (The Town That Dreaded Sundown (1976)) loved the frontier pre-wild west and post Civil war west and this film as well as Chasing the Wind (1998), The Winds of Autumn(1976), Winterhawk (1975), Sacred Ground (1983) and Grayeagle (1977) are all westerns that deal with individuals or couples against the elements or external forces, looking for a better life or seeking revenge against those who have taken that away from them. He has a rough consistency of themes, at least in his westerns.<br/><br/>Maybe because of budgetary constraints maybe because of temperament the action is short and sharp and a lot of scenes seem to be almost like &quot;mood pieces&quot;. And, whether it is intentional or not, they work as a reminder that the old west wasn&#39;t all excitement and daring do.<br/><br/>On the negative there are some clumsy camera angles that don&#39;t show off the actors to their best, a couple of peripheral background actors that don&#39;t look authentic, and a out of place music score, which would have worked in an ironic comic 70s western but not here.<br/><br/>Also, through no fault of the filmmakers the video transfer is only average which is a pity as there are some great Tennessee landscapes The principal leads are all fine and Fonda&#39;s character especially fits in with his screen persona.<br/><br/>It may miss the mark but it is not the worst by a country mile.<br/><br/>6/10

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