Yet Another 'subscldr'

'subscldr' is a vimperator plugin, provides the ability can be subscribed without page transition.
Fork of 'subscldr' plugin by snaka: http://coderepos.org/share/browser/lang/javascript/vimperator-plugins/trunk/subscldr.js

Why you forked?

Recently, I've created a Greasemonkey script called NicoVideo MyList RSS, allows to subscribe NicoVideo MyList feeds from watch page without moving to MyList page. This GM script adds feed html tags to current page dynamically. However, I realized it doesn't work with 'subscldr' plugin since 'subscldr' doesn't search feeds from local page. So I decide to fork & modify 'subscldr' plugin.

Install & Usage

  1. Get latest plugin from [[http://bitbucket.org/kuy/subscldr/src/|here]
  2. Put it to your vimperator's plugin directory
  3. Restart Firefox
  4. Execute ':subscldr' command on NicoVideo watch page!

Difference between original and mine

  • Removed a command for 'Fastladder'


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