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Issue #16 wontfix

2.x GUI is clumsy and unintuitive

Anonymous created an issue

Several months ago, I changed from my muched beloved 1.x Tortoise Hg to 2.x Tortoise Hg. After trying hard to adapt to the new GUI, I must say that it simply is not as user friendly as the old one was.

In many menues, like the commit menue, the menue to add files, and also the "Hg workbench", there are subwindows that show file contents. Usually this feature is just not needed and it clutters the overall impression, makes it less obvious how to perform the actions I currently want to do and by that introduces the risk of loosing data in one way or another.

For example, in the commit menue, the focused button after committing hops to undo instead of close. Undoing a commit is, however, the least thing I want to do in the typical use case. I even have a hard time to imagine any situation where this could be useful. (By the way, why don't you allow to change the size of the list of files in the leftmost subwindow?)

Another example is the menue to add files: by default all files are checked - simply why? My repositories are often cluttered with files I certainly don't want to have in the repository. Much more often than not, you want to add a single file.

I abosutely appreciate the enourmous effort you put in this great project, but please consider that a simple GUI is sometimes much more helpful for your users. :-)


PS: I'm writing this remark in this system, because I could not find any other place or email address that is more appropriate.