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OPTIPLAN is a Matlab-based toolbox for formulating, solving, and simulating model predictive controllers (MPC) with embedded obstacle avoidance functionality. OPTIPLAN fully automates tedious mathematical and technical details and let the user concentrate on the problem formulation. It features a rich set of tools to perform closed-loop simulations with MPC controllers and to visualize the results in an appealing way.


Janeček, F., Klaučo, M., Kalúz, M., Kvasnica, M.: OPTIPLAN: A Matlab Toolbox for Model Predictive Control with Obstacle Avoidance. IFAC World Congress 2017


  1. Install the Toolbox Manager per the instructions on its webpage
  2. Install OPTIPLAN and YALMIP by running tbxmanager install moantool yalmip in Matlab
  3. Install the GUROBI mixed-integer solver (it's commercial, but they offer free licenses for academia). Follow the installation instructions on their webpage.

Demos and examples