relocatable python virtual environment

package inspired a lot by ian bicking's virtualenv but created in fashion that it can be relocated freely through the filesystem.


you can install this package from pypi:

pip install RVirtualEnv

# or

easy_install RVirtualEnv

# or just clone this repository

to create new virtual environment just call:

virtualenv ~/PYENV1

# or directly from this repo

./ ~/PYENV2


to enable environment, do:

# on unix

# on windows

after that, you can call any python command (eg: pip or easy_install, ipython, ...) and it will have access to your virtual environment.

if you don't want to mess up with environment, just call our wrapper:

# on unix
~/PYENV1/bin/python [any [params]]

# on win
c:\PYENV1\Scripts\python.bat [any [params]]

it should work with mod-wsgi python-path option as well, and you can enable it in runtime via site.addsitedir(venv_directory).


if you are interested in testing this package, it should support many standard ways of running tests. nose is used for test discovery.

you can run any of these commands:

  • python test
  • nosetests
  • ./tests/

in the case you just have to wait a little, until setuptools_dummy are downloaded, because it is a build dependency.

i tested this package on:

  • archlinux with python 2.6
  • ms windows with python 2.6
  • debian lenny with python 2.5
  • debian etch with python 2.4

i don't have any automated testing set up yet.