Kevin Veroneau


This is a Django template Loader drop-in replacement for the Chameleon template engine. If you are familiar with Zope templates, and want to use Zope template formatting within your Django project, then this template Loader drop-in is for you.


Django app that makes using MongoDB with relational Django a snap! With this app, you can mix both relational databases and the popular NoSQL Database, MongoDB together. Why settle with just one? Have the best of both worlds. A special MongoDB admin interface is also included for use during local development.


This Django app enables easy integration of bootstrap CSS into your project. It has some helpful templatetags for common bootstrap tasks.


A Pythonic Bitbucket API, uses Python objects to represent BitBucket objects. It should allow easy integration into most Python projects.


This is a toy CPU simulator I have been developing. I really enjoy the aspect of emulation and simulation of CPUs and tend to play with simh as a past time. This is my attempt at building a register-based CPU to play around with key concepts of machine code execution. It's very simple, nothing too advanced here. This will ultimately be used in my Hacker's Edge online game to allow players to create simulated viruses and worms.

Python Web Development LiveDVD

This project is to help people create a live Debian system for use with Python Development. To keep the size of the repo to a minimum, I will not be including full binaries or extra packages. Please read the documentation on where to place these custom binary files.


A collection of Django apps I built and use on a regular basis on a domain of mine. These apps are not meant to be on a public site, but rather hidden behind an unknown URL for your own personal use.


The object of this project is to create a full indie gaming community website which should suit almost any type of indie gaming community. The first focus will be a game database, where indie developers can share their creations for others to download and enjoy. This website is being built initially with the OHRRPGCE(also open source) gaming engine in mind. Some changes might need to be done in order to make this website work with your specific indie community. Furthermore, this will be a set of Django apps, and not an entire project. You should be-able to place these apps into any Django 1.5 or greater project with no difficulties. Enjoy!


Not sure if any Python developers have used Microsoft's Team Foundation Server, it includes an application called Product Studio for managing bugs in your companies software. My job uses it for escalations to server teams and such. Recently, I found out about the SDK, which uses the Windows COM system, and Python has a module for this, win32com. I wrote this very handle class to query Product Studio for bugs, and also create new bugs. The class is very basic, but gets the job done.

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