Simple and easy Android Call Screening app

This app has been distribution in the Google Play Store, or will shortly. A link to the Google Play store will be placed here once the application is available.

Within the Google Play store, it will cost a nomimal fee of $0.99. If you wish to support me, and have more privacy focused, ad-free applications with full source available. Please highly consider purchasing the application in the Play Store.

Play store description follows

I created this app in spite of the fact that many other similar call blocking and screening apps exist, but I am unsure of how they work under the hood, and what they do with my personal information.

This application is 100% ad-free, does not require network connectivity, and the source code is fully available for you to confirm your personal privacy. The app full-fills a single purpose in the most minimal of code, and minimal of user interface.

Although this application is open source, and you are completely free to build your own APK from it. I am placing the app into the Play Store at a small cost. If you the consumer would like see more useful applications which are 100% ad-free, affordable, with full source code disclosure, then please do support me as a developer in the Play Store.

My goal as a developer is to bring user privacy driven applications, which are affordable, ad-free, and provide full source code disclosure. All source code is licensed under the GPL2 license, which does allow the selling of my software, as long as I provide full source. This license will also be bound to anyone who might use my source in their own similar Android application, the developer who uses my code will also need to provide his changes to the community.