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A couple modifications which were unfortunately were not taken care of before the last commit. Modals templatetag should now work.

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File bootstrap_theme/templates/bootstrap_theme/starter.html

 {% endblock %}
 {% block body %}
-    <div class="navbar navbar-inverse navbar-fixed-top">
+    <div class="navbar navbar-fixed-top">
       <div class="navbar-inner">
         <div class="container">
           <button type="button" class="btn btn-navbar" data-toggle="collapse" data-target=".nav-collapse">
       <h1>Bootstrap starter template</h1>
       <p>Use this document as a way to quick start any new project.<br> All you get is this message and a barebones HTML document.</p>
 {% endblock %}
+      <hr>
+      <footer>
+        {% block footer %}<p>&copy; Company 2013</p>{% endblock %}
+      </footer>
     </div> <!-- /container -->
 {% endblock %}

File bootstrap_theme/templatetags/

 from django import template
 from django.conf import settings
 from django.utils.safestring import mark_safe
+from django.template.loader import render_to_string
 register = template.Library()
             modal_id = template.Variable(self.vlist[1]).resolve(context)
         if len(self.vlist) > 2:
             form_action = template.Variable(self.vlist[2]).resolve(context)
-        return render_to_string('bootstrap/fragments/modal.html', {'modal_id': modal_id,
+        return render_to_string('bootstrap_theme/fragments/modal.html', {'modal_id': modal_id,
                                                                    'title': title,
                                                                    'body': self.nodelist.render(context),