HackersEdge / settings.py

Kevin Veroneau 8d6c3a4 

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# These are just the settings you need to add to your Django project when adding Hacker's Edge.

    # Include all the other normal ones here.

    # Include your other project middleware here.

    # Include your other apps here.
    # Or here...

# If you plan on using the new Admin tools dashboard, use this to make it look pretty:

ADMIN_TOOLS_INDEX_DASHBOARD = 'fluent_dashboard.dashboard.FluentIndexDashboard'
ADMIN_TOOLS_APP_INDEX_DASHBOARD = 'fluent_dashboard.dashboard.FluentAppIndexDashboard'
ADMIN_TOOLS_MENU = 'fluent_dashboard.menu.FluentMenu'

    'he_one/userprofile': 'preferences-contact-list.png',
    'forums/post': 'view-calendar-journal.png',
    'forums/thread': 'view-conversation-balloon.png',
    'forums/topic': 'folder.png',
    'help_center/topic': 'folder-txt.png',
    'help_center/guide': 'view-choose.png',
    'he_one/message': 'view-pim-mail.png',
    'he_one/task': 'view-pim-tasks.png',
    'he_one/mailbox': 'server-database.png',
    'he_one/mission': 'view-calendar-list.png',
    'he_one/objective': 'view-media-playlist.png',
    'he_one/missionobjectives': 'view-calendar-journal.png',
    'he_one/host': 'preferences-desktop-wallpaper.png',
    'he_one/pcfile': 'folder-remote.png',
    'he_one/log': 'utilities-system-monitor.png',
    'he_one/namesystem': 'server-database.png',
    'he_one/filepermission': 'kwalletmanager.png',
    'he_one/userpermission': 'resource-group.png',

    ('Mission Management', {
        'models': (
    ('Mailbox Management', {
        'models': (
    ('Host Management', {
        'models': (
    ('Administration', {
        'models': (
    #('Hacker\'s Edge', {
    #    'models': ('he_one.*',),
    ('Applications', {
        'models': ('*',),
        'module': 'AppList',
        'collapsible': True,
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